Registration Is OPEN!!!!

Registration will open for our 2021 season for Flex Flag (grades K/1 & 2/3), Tackle and Cheer 


$250 - General Registration (early registration discount of $55 if registered before July 1st)

$150 - Flex Flag (flat fee)



  • President's Statement

    I would like to start by sending an enormous THANK YOU to the entire T-Hawk family of players, cheerleaders, parents, coaches, volunteers, coordinators, and the NSYFCA Board of Directors for their tireless wo... More
  • Congrats to our 8th grade Lifers

    Every year we celebrate our 8th graders who have earned the rank of a T-Hawks Lifer. A Lifer is a player or cheerleader that has participated each year since at least the 3rd grade. Traditionally we recognize... More
  • Why I allow my child to play tackle

    "I’ve had a lot of friends ask why the hell I would allow [my son] to play tackle. Here’s the thing, and this picture says it all...we are watching the threshold of our little boys becoming young men right be... More
  • Corporate Sponsorship

    Thank you for your interest in helping our organization provide a quality, safe, and fun experience for the boys and girls of our community. We cannot provide this service without your generousity and support... More
  • Apparel Sale

    Looking to buy something currently instock?   Attached you will find sale sheets for both Football & Cheer apparel. Items and sizes are limited.  Order by sending an email to Christine Pulsifer at nsopera... More