Volunteer Opportunities

UpdatedMonday September 12, 2022 byNSYFCA.

Volunteers run every aspect of NSYFCA! Some positions are year-long board positions, and some are season-long assignments. Both of these types of volunteer positions completely fulfill the family minimum volunteer hours for the year. Then there are one-off game-day volunteer opportunities which are tracked hourly.

There are two types of season-long assignments available: Coordinator volunteers and Team volunteers. Only one of each Coordinator position is necessary (though in certain circumstances two people can share one), while one or more of the Team volunteers are needed per team.

All season-long volunteer assignments will be approved of by the board. To submit your name for consideration for one of these positions, or if you have questions about them, send an email to NSBod@jrthawks.com with a request for consideration.


Season-Long Team Positions:

Head Coach - One per team, chosen by BOD in Spring

Assistant Coach - Five-Seven per team

Team Parent - One per team

Team Parents will work with a member of the BOD to help the coaches manage the team.  As a Team Parent you are the key link for communication between the league, the coaches, and your parents.  The handbook below should answer most of your questions in regards to your responsibilities as a team parent.  It is important that you keep good communication skills, be detailed oriented, and have a positive attitude!

Football Photographer/Videographer - One Needed

Cheer Photographer/Videograhpher - One Needed

NOTE: Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Parents must complete a CORI form PRIOR to the start of the season. The completed CORI form along with a copy of your current photo id (license or passport) may be given at paperwork collection time.


Game-Day Volunteer opportunities:

Chain Gang - 3 per each home game

Volunteers are needed for each home game to hold the chains during the game. This position will give you the best possible view of the game.  Please note that you will not be allowed to excessively cheer for our teams or have use of an electronic device (no cell phones or cameras).

Play Keeper - 2 per game, both home and away

Every player is required to play a minimum amount of plays so these volunteers keep track of each players play count.  1 volunteer stands records our plays and the other volunteer stands with the opposing teams play keeper and watches them.

Concession Stand -  3 per shift at home games

Handle and sell the concession stand food during your time slot; maintain a clean concession stand during your time slot.

Floater - 1 per shift at home games

Checks in with Apparel and Snack Shack to see if they need assistance, empties trash, and monitors the area to keep parents out of player/coach zones and kids from climbing on items they shouldn't.

Apparel Table - 1 per shift at home games

Sells apparel items and keeps accurate record of items told during shift.

Announcer/Score Board Assistant - 1 per shift at home games

Assist our game day announcer with watching plays to relay to him player numbers.   Volunteer is also responsible for assisting with the score board.

Concessions Setup - 2 per home game day

Assist the Concession Stand Coordinator setting up the area before concession open.  

Concessions Breakdown - 2 per home game day

Assist the Concesssion Stand Coordinator with cleaning the grill and concession area, taking out trash, inventory count, and trash.

Field Set Up - 2 per home game

Assist BOD members with setting up yard makers, fan barrier, signage, announcer booth, and apparel booth.

Field Breakdown- 2 per home game day

Assist BOD members with collecting field markers, taking up the barrier around the viewing area, picking up any signage, breaking down the announcer booth, breaking down apparel, and picking up trash.


Sign up for Game-Day volunteer shifts on the volunteer sign-up page of our website!
And don't forget to sign in when your shift starts, so your family gets credited for the time!!!

Thank you in advance for making our league and season a success!!