About Volunteering

UpdatedWednesday April 7, 2021 byChristine Pulsifer.

It takes support from a vast number of people to make this organization function successfully. There are always volunteer opportunities and coordinator positions available that require no football or cheerleading experience, but play a crucial role in making this organization run smoothly.

Without the assistance of our membership it would be impossible for the children to have a successful season. We therefore require that each family fulfill the obligation of providing four (4) hours of volunteer service per child in the league. Many families exceed that minimum requirement, because it has enabled them to meet such wonderful people and support the program. The generosity of these families greatly contributes to the success of our organization and its football and cheer programs!

It's really a win-win situation, because all families get involved one way or another, turning them into more than strangers or acquaintances! Getting involved makes the season more fun for everyone -- the kids in the program, the parents and the siblings!

We always need volunteers to help out on game days in areas such as the Snack Shack or on the sidelines as a play counter, but there are other opportunities to get involved as well. Some, such as the Volunteer Coordinator or the Fundraiser Coordinator, do not require a lot time, and what time is required can be tailored around the coordinator's schedule! Others, such as the Game Day Coordinator, don't require any time or planning during the week -- just show up and complete your tasks!

Visit our Coordinators page to see a list of open Coordinator positions