Raffle Winners Announced!

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Updated Wednesday October 31, 2018 by NSYFCA BOD.

2018 T-Hawks Calendar Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the following winners:

Date Winner Amount Sold By
Oct 1st Warren Nadeau $50.00 Robert Sullivan
Oct 2nd Nicole Allen $50.00 Lucien Paquette
Oct 3rd Susan Peters $50.00 Lilah Peters
Oct 4th Gail LeBlanc $50.00 Thomas Wyatt
Oct 5th Deana Miele $250.00 Vincent Renaud
Oct 6th Naoko Conway $50.00 Kaz Conway
Oct 7th Doherty Family $50.00 Cuchullain Doherty
Oct 8th Krolewski Family $50.00 Alex Krolewski
Oct 9th Jan Peterson $50.00 Colby Morgan
Oct 10th Sally Shaw $50.00 Alex Shaw
Oct 11th Paul Cosgrove $50.00 Timothy Ryan
Oct 12th Maria Crespo $250.00 Viviana Lebel
Oct 13th Patty Lamarre $50.00 Liam Fitzgerald
Oct 14th Ani Ker $50.00 Brian Cunniffe
Oct 15th Cownay Family $50.00 Niko Conway
Oct 16th Nick Thompson $50.00 Kelvin Crispo
Oct 17th Golden Family $50.00 Jace Golden
Oct 18th Patrick Ellsworth $50.00 Owen Ellsworth
Oct 19th Val Abrau $250.00 Matthew Clark
Oct 20th Mayra Santiago $50.00 Gavin Santiago
Oct 21st Billy Kelly $50.00 Dylan Poirier
Oct 22nd Ana Udvare $50.00 Gavin Santiago
Oct 23rd Sheryl RaFus $50.00 TJ Hutt
Oct 24th Elsie O'Dell $50.00 Brandon Jacobson
Oct 25th Kevin Lemieux $50.00 Esteban Lemieux
Oct 26th Kimberly Reed $250.00 Tobe Reed Jr.
Oct 27th James Boudreau $50.00 Thomas Boudreau
Oct 28th Malina Ohrt $50.00 Sophia Christakis
Oct 29th Melissa Tougas $50.00 Emma Tougas
Oct 30th Dave Kowal $50.00 Harry Manning
Oct 31st Craig Mackie $750.00 Will Manning


All winners will receive a check in the mail within 30-45 days.