Raffle Winners Announced!

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UpdatedTuesday November 1, 2022 byNSYFCA BOD.

2022 T-Hawks Calendar Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the following winners:

Date Winner Amount Sold By
Oct 1st Rosa Baur $50.00 Sebastian Middleton
Oct 2nd Kim Gardula $50.00 Connor Zinkus
Oct 3rd Teddy Benois $50.00 Jackson LeBlac
Oct 4th Sinclair Family $50.00 Thomas Sinclair
Oct 5th Patty Cunha $50.00 Owen Brown
Oct 6th Phyllis Blecher $50.00 Noah Norman
Oct 7th Heather Leveille $250.00 Mia Frallicciardi
Oct 8th Lauren Emg $50.00 Jake Fortini
Oct 9th Nicholas Martin $50.00 Jameson Martin
Oct 10th Marie Dorval $50.00 Michael Dorval
Oct 11th Heather Creamer $50.00 Sutermeister Brothers
Oct 12th Kelli Wydella $50.00 Leonardo Wydella
Oct 13th Bill Baldwin $50.00 Mia Frallicciardi
Oct 14th Vivian Leo $250.00 McKenna Sullivan
Oct 15th Jack Seeton $50.00 Cole Seeton
Oct 16th Roxane Mody $50.00 Sean Mody
Oct 17th Micheal Manning $50.00 Mackenzie Dobay
Oct 18th Nicholette Gonzalez $50.00 Frankie Porter
Oct 19th May Shel $50.00 Evan Chang
Oct 20th CB Tuite $50.00 Kim Tuite
Oct 21st Betty Forbis $250.00 Daniel Filho
Oct 22nd Deidre Watkins $50.00 Greta Rutman
Oct 23rd Michelle Crain $50.00 Noah Crain
Oct 24th Robin Roes $50.00 Ethan Rose
Oct 25th Diane Wenzel $50.00 Kennedi Martin
Oct 26th Sandie O'Connor $50.00 Greta Rutman
Oct 27th Marlene Finch $50.00 Alex Moorehead
Oct 28th Mark Herrholz $250.00 Luke Eiben
Oct 29th Domenico Fratamico $50.00 Marco Dias
Oct 30th Tracy O'Neil $50.00 Jagger Sturtze
Oct 31st Bettina Gentile $750.00 Silas Hull

All winners will receive a check in the mail within 30-45 days after the raffle is over.