Raffle Winners Announced!

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Updated Monday October 14, 2019 by NSYFCA BOD.

2019 T-Hawks Calendar Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the following winners:

Date Winner Amount Sold By
Oct 1st Jessica Magnuson $50.00 Caden Davis
Oct 2nd Eckler Family $50.00 Taylor Eckler
Oct 3rd Paull Toglioferri $50.00 Timmy Walsh
Oct 4th Karen Achenback $250.00 Ethan Achenback
Oct 5th Dina Greenwald $50.00 Chase Greenwald
Oct 6th Emily Martins $50.00 Maddie Martins
Oct 7th Ed Newbould $50.00 Jack Newbould
Oct 8th Karen Ruszkoski $50.00 Lauren Ruszkoski
Oct 9th Lexi Whitman $50.00 Lexi Whitman
Oct 10th Laura Bertonazzi $50.00 Jameson Bertonazzi
Oct 11th Bridget Uzar $250.00 Christopher Uzar
Oct 12th Kim Andler $50.00 Cooper Newfield
Oct 13th Sarah Rositano $50.00 Charlie Rositano
Oct 14th Joe Tambascio $50.00 Maeve Walker
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Oct 31st      


All winners will receive a check in the mail within 30-45 days.