Calendar Raffle

UpdatedMonday August 19, 2019 byNSYFCA.

In order to keep our program to minimal cost we have one major fundraiser each year that all families are required to participate in.    Our selected fundraiser is to sell Calendar Raffles.  


Each player/cheerleader is responsible for selling  calendar raffles at a cost of $10 each.

  • Players will receive a packet of calendars at the beginning of the season and have adequate time to sell.  
  • All participants are asked to sell 15 calendars.
  • Each Calendar is $10.00 and provides the opportunity to win substantial cash prizes.
  • Please turn in all calendar stubs to your Team Parent (please do not hand them in to the coach) by September 19th.
  • To ease the burden on those families with multiple children in the program, we have decided to tier raffle ticket sales requirements for families with two or more children in the program: 15 tickets for first child, 10 for second child, and each child thereafter.
  • Any questions regarding this fundraiser please contact .
  • Parents are responsible for covering the cost of unsold calendars.


Sell extra to earn Prizes:

25 Calendars (an extra 10) = $25 Visa Gift Card

40 Calendars (an extra 25) = $50 VISA Gift Card 

The individual player or cheerleader that sells the most calendars Calendar Raffles will win a $100 VISA Gift card.


The dollars generated through this program fund our league.  Over the years we have invested heavily in field maintenance, certifications, choreographers, protective equipment, training, uniforms, tournament fees, and other necessities.   With this fundraiser we are also able to provide scholarships to those in need.