About Flex Football

UpdatedWednesday May 18, 2022 byNSYFCA.

Flex Flag Football is a growing alternative to full contact football and teaches basic skills and concepts of the game.   NSYFCA Flex Flag Football provides boys and girls in grades K - 3, a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in light contact (blocking is allowed), continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork.  This will be our 4th season offering Flex Flag. We have had  amazing seasons and with the continued growth we will be able to offer two grade levels of Flex Football for the 2022 season.  We will be opening registration for a K/1 team and a 2/3 team.   Team max is 16 players.   We will keep registration open past 16 in hope to have a second team at each level.    First 16 players are guaranteed a spot in our league.   

Flex Flag, or "Flex Football" is a variation of flag football that provides young players a "bridge" from traditional flag football to tackle football.

The Basics:

  • 7 on 7 for grades K/1 and 9 on 9 for grades 2/3
  • Traditional first downs
  • Limited contact
  • Players are introduced to blocking
  • No shoulder blocking
  • No tackling
  • Players wear flags, just like traditional flag football
  • Players wear soft-shell helmets and soft-shell shoulder pads

Our program is designed to educate young people about the techniques and skills of youth football while emphasizing participation and sportsmanship.  Unlike the town recreation league, the NSYFCA Flag league is a TRAVEL league.   Our teams will be competing not only at Algonquin High School, but also in various towns across Central Mass.

Here is a quick look into Flex Football:  https://vimeo.com/233674571

At this time,  AYF and Central Mass have no intention of allowing leagues to carry Flex past the 3rd grade level.    Our league, CMYFCC, and AYF are tackle organizations and flex was just something additional we offered at an introduction level.   The intention of our Flex program is for parents to slowly be introduced to the idea of tackle football.   There is a lot of bad press around the sport and it was thought that if parents were around a league that had it then they would become more educated about our program.