Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedSunday November 20, 2022 byChristine Pulsifer.

How long is the season?

The season will begin this year the first week of August.    Flex Football teams will usually end the last weeked in October.    Football grades 4-8's regular season will end in October, but playoffs and all stars will continue into November.   Cheer's season will end mid November due to competitions, but teams that make it to Nationals will continue until Decebmber.

Why do we have to practice all through August?

All the leagues in Central Mass can begin practicing the first week of August.   We know that this cuts into the summer, but unlike other sports we have to teach each child the fundamentals of the games and safety.   The first 10 hours (5 nights of practices) of practice for Football Players is no contact and acclimating the players to wear all the gear.    Once the 10 hours is complete the coaches need time to then teach players the correct way to tackle, running plays, etc.    Coaches understand that parents go on vacation and try to be accommodating.     In August, the most important dates to be there would be the first week and the date of the jamboree (traditionally the 3rd weekend in August).

Do you have a traditional flag league?

In 2016 we had our first flag season due to the low numbers signing up for Tiny Mite (grades K-1) tackle football.   We thought that having our flag players play along side tackle would generate discussions about our league and help put parents at easy about the "dangers" of tackle.    The flag league was successful for three years.    Just recenlty the Central Mass Conference we belong too introduced Flex Flag Football.   It is Flag football with blocking and more instruction.  The Flex program is a "Bridge" to our tackle program.   We offer Flex Football for grades K-3.

Will Flex Football be extended to 4th or 5th grade?

At this time AYF (American Youth Football --- our national organization), has no intention of allowing leagues to carry Flex past the 3rd grade level.    Our league, CMYFCC, and AYF are tackle organizations and Flex was just something additional we offered at an introduction level.   The intention of our Flex program is for parents to slowly be introduced to the idea of tackle football.   There is a lot of bad press around the sport and it was thought that if parents were around a league that had it then they would become more educated about our program.   

Why all the paperwork?    

Our league is part of the Central Mass Youth Football and Cheer Conference (CMYFCC) which is affiliated with American Youth Football (AYF) League.   AYF is the world's largest youth football and cheer league.    Being part of this conference/league requires us to follow certain policies and procedures for insurance purposes.   

  • Birth Certificates:  1st time participants are required to submit a Birth Certificate with a raised seal to show proof of age.     
  • Player Packet:   AYF forms that are needed to play
  • Physical/Medical:   All participants should be medically cleared by a doctor to play any sport.
  • Report Card:   Academics should be the # 1 priority to our players.  Students that are not meeting academic benchmarks cannot participate in our program.
  • NSYFCA Forms (General Info for Players & Parent Code of Conduct):  Our league has expectations of our players and families and we wanted to be clear on how our league operates.

Will practice or games be canceled because of weather?     

Let’s face it we live in New England and endure all sorts of weather. The NSYFCA will practice and play in rain, snow, heat, and cold. Please plan accordingly as the season progresses.  Games are not cancelled due to a bad forecast. We will only cancel a game in extreme situations and will inform parents as soon as we can. 

Why do we have to practice at Melican and not a more central location between Northboro and Southboro?      

Our league would need to find a location that could not only allow 7 football teams and 3 cheer teams to have plenty of space, but it would also require that space to allow our storage sheds with equipment.   The league also factors in rental cost and Melican is the most affordable place that can accommodate our needs.   During August we rent the space for 4 nights a week and once school begins our rental agreement covers up to 3 nights a week and Saturday mornings.   Melican Middle School and the Northborough Recreation Department has been the only space that could accommodate our large league.   

When will the schedule come out?

The schedule generally comes out mid August.   Central Mass creates the schedule and then it is distributed to the Presidents for suggestions.   The schedule is only finalized once all leagues have secured space.  We ask that you are patient during this time and we promise that within a few hours of receiving the final schedule we will pass it onto the coaches.

What is the jamboree and does my child have to attend?

The Jamboree is a Central Mass event that host all grade and league scrimmages and at the same time provides a single location for team certifiacation.   All players must be go through the certification process in order to be kept on the roster and allowed to play.   It is extremly important for all players to attend.   Cheerleading teams do go to the jamboree, but the certification process is slightly different.    This event does require an admission for parents and guest, since it is a fundraiser for the host team.

What does all the money go toward?    

Our operating expenses for a season is about $90,000.  Registration fees cover about 65% and the calendar fundraiser covers the rest.   Operating expenses include league dues, insurance, storage, field rentals, gym rentals, coach certification, coach polos, competition/entrance fees, refs, EMT, videographer, taxes, memberships, cheer bows, choreographers, music license, trophies, lifer awards, 8th grade gifts, yearbooks, marketing supplies, banners, portable bathroom rentals, etc.  Additional funds raised from apparel sales, concessions, volunteer/calendar buyout, and donations help us give scholarships to those in need, volunteer gifts, purchase equipment, and cover the cost of the pizza party, homecoming, registration tshirts, and part of the banquet.   

Do BOD members, coaches, team parents, or coordinators get paid/free registration?   

No!   There is no special treatment for parents stepping into a leadership role.   All BOD members, coaches, team parents, and coordinators have to pay for thier child(ren) to play and participate in the calendar raffle.  The parents that step into these roles also do not get paid.  They are volunteering thier time to make this league run.    

Can I complete my volunteer hours before the season begins?

The BOD will have some opportunities for parents to volunteer outside of games.   This may include equipment nights, recruit   ment tables, apparel table during practice, or other events.    If you think you will need to complete your hours outside of games please reach out to any member of our BOD.  We also have BOD positions and coordinator positions available.



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