Football Jamboree & Certification

UpdatedWednesday August 14, 2019 byChristine Pulsifer.


Date:   Saturday, August 17th

Location:   Leicester High School

Admission:   $5.00 for spectators (children under 5 are free)

Uniformed Players, Cheerleaders, and Coaches (with bracelet) are free     


  • f you have games on fields 1-2 please park in the high school or the primary school. Leicester high school is located at 174 Paxton St in Leicester.
  • If you are on fields 3-4 please park at the middle school or senior center. Middle school is 70 Winslow Ave. The only way in is Paxton St to Winslow for fields 3-4.
  • Please do not park on any side streets. Your vehicle will be towed at your expense. If you cant find parking, please locate a parking attendant.

Mandatory Attendance for:   Flex, 4th grade, 5th grade, 8th grade


Team Practice Field Practice Time Check In Time Game Field # Game Time Opponent Home/Away
K1 Flex P1 7:50am 8:20am G1 8:30am Leicester/Spencer Away
2/3 Flex Gold P4 8:00am 8:30am G4 8:40am Auburn Home
2/3 Flex Maroon P3 9:20am 9:50am G# 10:00am Grafton (G) Away
4th Grade P2 1:10PM 1:40PM G2 1:50PM Northbridge/Uxbridge Home
5th Grade P1 1:50pm 2:20pm G1 2:30pm Worcester Cowboys Away
          3:10pm Charlton/Dudley Away
7th Grade P1 5:10pm 5:40pm G1 5:50pm Leicester/Spencer Away




What is the Jamboree? 

The Jamboree is a Central Mass event that host all grade and league scrimmages and at the same time provides a single location for team certification.   All players must be go through the certification process in order to be kept on the roster and allowed to play.   It is extremely important for all players to attend.   Cheerleading teams do go to the jamboree, but the certification process is slightly different.    


When will we know what time to show up?

The schedule takes a lot of time to make since there are 20+ associations with many teams each.  The host team has a lot on their hands with not only setting up Jamboree logistics, but confirming with each association that they have a team at certain levels.    We hosted the Jamboree a few years ago, so we ask that our families be patient with the process because it is time consuming and very detailed oriented.    As soon as we are made aware of the schedule the league will let you know.


What is the process for certification?

The Registrar of the league will bring all completed paperwork to a Central Mass official on August 15th.   The official will review each players documentation (Player Packet, Birth Certficate, Medical Form, and Report Card) and determine if the information is accurate and approved.    On August 17th, Central Mass Officials will bring the team over and complete the certification process by checking the roster photo against your child in line.   They will also do one last paper review.   If all your paperwork is correct and the picture matches the face on the packet then your child is cleared to play.   If there is an error, paperwork is missing, or the picture doesn't match then your child will be dropped from the roster and have to try to be recertified the following week.    It is extremely important to get all your papework in and completed to the Registrar as soon as possible!   


Does my child have to attend?

YES!!!    All Flex Flag and Tackle players are mandated to attend to get certified to play by Central Mass Officials.   If a player does not attend then they get dropped from the roster and will be ineligible to play.   Central Mass has held a second certification date during the next week, but it is according to their availablity.   


What if we absolutely can't make it?

Please notify your coach immediately so that he can let the VP and Registrar know.     You will be given a date, time, and location to report to Central Mass with your coach and the team roster book ( a roster book is the team's binder of all the players that have been certified along with all the paperwork that was passed in).    


Can I just stop in and get certified then leave?

We would have to make arrangements with Central Mass to do a single certification that morning.   If you can only attend the certification please contact your coach and the Registrar.    The coach will need to know so that he is aware of who will be at the scrimmage and the Registar will need to make arrangements with Central Mass.  Be aware that Central Mass may set a specific time and you will have to be available according to their schedule.   


How long will we be at the field?

Your team will be told to report to the field about 1 1/2 - 2 hours before your scrimmage.    Each team is alloted about 50 minutes to warm up/light practice, 30 minutes for certification , and the scrimmage is about an hour.    Average time for each team to be on location is about 2 1/2 hours if there are no delays from previous games.


How will I know where to go at the field?

Upon arrival there should be a players entrance.   You will want to drop your child off there because they will not let parents enter through this area.  A coach, team parent, or board member is usually in this area and can direct your player on where to go.    Most coaches will ask your players to arrive 15-30 minutes before warm ups so that they can all gather together and then walk to practice as a team.  


What to expect:

  • Parents are usually only allowed in the game areas (that means you cannot go into the practice area or the certfication area).    Parents are welcome to drop their player off with the team and then come back before the scrimmage starts.
  • In the past few years the weather has been extremly HOT with little shade.    Please make sure your kids are well hydrated and send extra water and gatorade with them.
  • Snack shacks and concession stands are open throughout the area
  • Bathrooms or porta potties are availalbe 
  • There may be vendors if you want to purchase cheer bows, mouth guards, apparel, etc.