League Picture Day

UpdatedTuesday November 22, 2022 byNSYFCA.

Our photographer has limited availablity to get league pictures done.    We know it is short notice, but we have decided that Tackle teams will have pictures on Monday 8/29 and Flex/Cheer will have pictures done on 9/19.
Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time.  Envelopes will be provided for your orders.  Payments can be in cash, check or credit card.  Sorry that online ordering is not available.  Pictures will be held at Melican.

What to wear:   

    Flex:    Uniform & Pads

    Cheer:    Uniform 

    Tackle:    Maroon Jersey, Gold Pants, Shoulder Pads

Monday, 8/29
5:00p-5:30p    -    7th Grade
5:30p-6:00p    -    4th Grade
6:00p-6:30P    -    6th Grade
6:30p-7:00p    -    8th Grade
Monday, 9/19 
5:00-5:20    k/1 Flex
5:20-5:40    2/3 Gold
5:40-6:00    2/3 Maroon
6:00-6:20    U8 Cheer
6:20-6:40    U12 Cheer
6:40-7:00    U10 Chee

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