It's time to get involved!

Updated Tuesday January 22, 2019 by Christine Pulsifer.

Have you thought about getting more involved in our league?   In a few short weeks we will be having elections.   The BOD is comprised of all parent volunteers. This past year, we had the smallest board in league history and multiple BOD positions and coordinators spots went unfilled.    WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!   We all have jobs, families, and kids with busy schedules, but please consider making time for our league.   

If you are interested in becoming a part of the team please email .  We also have many coordinator positions available too.    

Elections will be held on January 28th at 7:30pm at the Northborough American Legion.

BOD Positions (current bod members must re-run for their positions,so all are available):

President (must be currently on the board of directors to run for this spot)

President – Doug Pulsifer

Treasurer – Keith Martinek

Registrar – Amy Mulkerin

Secretary – Robin Manning

Vice President of Football – Julie Stanwood

Vice President of Cheer- Steph Senecal

Vice President of Operations - Christine Pulsifer

Vice President of Marketing Communications – Kerri Martinek

Parent Liaison – OPEN

Executive Cheer Coordinator – Kristine Frallicciardi

Executive Football Coordinator – OPEN

Apparel Coordinator – Judy Rowe-Bond

Concessions Coordinator – Ellie Sarraf

Football Equipment Coordintors – Dave Brown, Cindy Brown

Raffle Coordinator – Cami Aspesi

Football Safety, Training & Education Coordinator - Ross Mulkerin

Game Day Coordinator – OPEN

Special Events Coordinator – OPEN

Volunteer Coordinator – Anna D’Lima

Flag/Flex Football Coordinator - OPEN