President's Statement

UpdatedSunday April 4, 2021 byNSYFCA.

I would like to start by sending an enormous THANK YOU to the entire T-Hawk family of players, cheerleaders, parents, coaches, volunteers, coordinators, and the NSYFCA Board of Directors for their tireless work, commitment, and dedication over this past few years.  As we celebrate th accomplishments and growth as an organization, we must never forget that this is only possible due to the many volunteers, who have dedicated countless hours to our young football players and cheerleaders. It Is also just as important to thank the parents, relatives and friends who drive their kids to practice, prepare late dinners, and provide love and support throughout the season. It is these volunteers, parents, and others who truly make this organization run, and I truly appreciate everyone’s time, effort, and sacrifice.

It’s been a privilege to be a part of this organization over the years. Nine season ago, I was walking my 4th grader Joe to his very first T-Hawks practice.   My plan was to drop him off and watch a little from a far.   As I was leaving the field, I ran into someone I knew who happened to be coaching the Tiny Mite team (tackle grades K-1).   The parent confessed he didn’t know much about football and asked if I could help.   The rest of the family was with me and I turned to them.   Christine gave me the “what are we getting ourselves into” look, Shamus started to jump around excited to play, and Owen was just a toddler (imagine that) getting antsy in his stroller.    I have always loved football, so I jumped right in.  As time progressed I became more and more involved.    Little did I know, all these seasons later I would be the President and my family would be actively involved with this organization.   

As a parent, coach, and BOD member, I’ve had the honor to work with and meet so many wonderful families in this community.  As I look back over this past season, I enjoyed seeing the growth and character that each cheerleader and football player have developed.  As NSYFCA President, it is my mission to make this entire organization an environment for athletic and personal growth. Where our young student athletes learn life and social skills, a solid work ethic, the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship, and a love for the game of football, and cheering. I strive to continuously improve and grow our organization into one that these young men and women and their families are proud of.

As we head into the off season, I ask one thing of you…..recruit, recruit, recruit.   Our parents and players are our greatest asset to keep this organization alive and thriving.   Looking through this yearbook, I see hard-work, dedication, teamwork, perseverance, commitment, and family.   We need you to help keep this FAMILY going!


Doug Pulsifer

President, NSYFCA