Congrats to our 8th grade Lifers

UpdatedSunday September 20, 2020 byChristine Pulsifer.

Every year we celebrate our 8th graders who have earned the rank of a T-Hawks Lifer. A Lifer is a player or cheerleader that has participated each year since at least the 3rd grade. Traditionally we recognize each of those 8th graders at our banquet, but this year we did a special social media shout out. Each day we showcased one of our lifers, so check our Facebook and Instagram pages to read the bios on Arianna, Shamus, Matthew, Grady, and Alex.

A special message to them: We have watched you all grow on and off the field and are so proud of each and everyone of you. Thank you for picking our sport and coming back each year and for putting in the effort each and every day. We look forward to watching your journey continue in high school. Best Wishes and Good Luck!
You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so....get on your way! ~Dr Suess